Commandments of Urban India 21st Century

Dear human being,
Be born, study, earn, marry, parent.
Be born, study, earn, marry, parent.
Be born, study, earn….

Dress differently but not weird,
Talk kindly but practise self-centeredness,
Question theories and not the system,
Preach objectivity and be subjectively interested.

Dear Student,
There’s a pattern, pretend to break it.
But never break it in real
as this pattern is comfort zone in disguise.
Only an incapable person breaks patterns,
comes out of comfort zone and feels zoned out, eventually.
Be zoned in and participate in the system.
After all, why question it when it benefits you.

Dear Employee,
You are exemplary
only if you follow and
motivate many others to follow
the same recurring process.
What’s that?
That is to work hard
and beg bait by authority,
then work harder
and beg more bait by authority
and then work even harder
and outshine your fellows
by begging the biggest bait.
Your ‘hefty pay package’
is a sugarcoated synonym of ‘Bait’.
You only win the battle by
being our faithful dog-like slave.

Dear daughter,
Claim to be a feminist yet
never sit ‘inappropriately’.
Be chirpy and not loud.
Be promising and not generous.
Be hot to guys,
Be beautiful to elders,
But never be ‘sassy’, never be ‘you’.
A 25+ unmarried girl is of no use.
Make the most out of your youth.
You are a 55 KGs of burden,
Shedding tears before you leave
is obviously a custom.
We would be happy to bid you bye,
And seeing you abandon your own house
for a random guy.

Dear son, your only USP
is your salary.
We’ve hoarded way more than needed,
We’ve let the poor keep suffering
We’ve have converted greed into need.
All those hoards are just for you.
Now it’s time to play your part,
marry a fair, well-earning, meek, affluent,
obedient, polite Brahmin maid.
Marry a girl aka successful professional
aka expert cook aka humble yet
affluent being aka an ATM machine.
Let’s hoard more and keep the
poor suffering for even longer.

Dear Industrialists,
Continue your CSR,
Donating Rs. 1 out of Rs. 1000
is a philanthropic task.
Keep disposing waste in that river,
So that we buy your water purifier
that wastes half of the total water.
If the water won’t be impure,
so many buyers – how would you lure?
Let’s keep doing till there’s no water left.
Let chimneys keep emitting till
air turns into smoke.

Let the paper salary of laborers be
vastly different from what you pay them.

Earth is going to die anyway,
So we have only a few decades to exploit
and continue this way.
The poor beings were left to suffer for longer,
Let them die poor as well.

Dear human being,
Be born, study, earn, marry, parent.
Be born, study, earn, marry, parent.
Be born, study, earn….


3 thoughts on “Commandments of Urban India 21st Century

  1. wow…proud of you…is what i can say…my thought out comments will soon be arriving at your blogs when my mind again starts to breathe…love you😙

    Liked by 1 person

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